Abrasion whetstone for production sale of the rubber whetstone of Numazu-shi, high durability abrasion whetstone, dentistry, jewels and ornaments

Rubber Abrasive


Daitec-Rub Rubber bond
The Daitec-Rubber bond is made with premium-quality chemical rubber. This rubber cause very unique action: Absorbs shock of grains and Grain cuts smoothly: softly without gouging or digging into the work material.
Daitec-rub Abrasives are a mixture of high-quality grains. Mixture with Daitec-Rubber bond, Softer and smoother than other types of bonded abrasives, they are easy to use, make clear surface without trouble.

  • Cutting and Polishing simultaneously.
  • No dressing required. Daitec-Rub rubber bonding provides proper “autogenous” action of abrasive grains which constantly refresh surface of abrasive.
  • Easy to Dress and easy to Reshape.


Light Deburring and smoothing without effecting surrounding areas.
Smoothing and polishing surface, Daitec-Rub avoid making scratches and dents.
Cleaning surface, removing tarnishes.


For Safety use

Daitec-Rub is structured by mixture of rubber with grits. This rubber cause unique elastic deformation. Therefore Daitec-rub must be treated differently compare with other type of abrasives.

  • Must remain machine speed below against RPM so indicated on the package.
  • Check mounting flanges for equal and correct diameter. User proper mounting blotters if necessary. Be sure work rest is properly adjusted.
  • Use safety guard. Ware personal protective equipment such as Safety goggles, Protective gloves, Face guard.
  • Always check surface, shape, hardness of rubber. Allow newly mounted items to run at operation speed with guard in place for at least one minutes before start work.
    If necessary, dress and reshape items to make sure rotate smoothly, without buckling and/or shaking.
  • Carefully read and understand SDS before use.