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General Information

Company name Daitec Japan Corporation
Representative Yamakawa Kyoko
Location 667-7 Ohira, Numazushi, Shizuokaken, Japan 410-0821
Contact address TEL:(+81) 55-935-1200
Daitec-Japan Corporation
Master of Rubber Bonded Abrasives
Formed in 1969 in Shizuoka Japan. Daitec-Japan specialized in the manufacture of Rubber Elastic Abrasives.
Diatec-Japan products are used worldwide in the Dental, Engineering, Jewelcrafting, and Glass polishing sectors.
Combination of Abrasive grits and Unique Rubber Elastic Deformation improve the surface finish on any kind of materials.
Daitec-Japan Corporation has a vision to achieve satisfaction of our customers.
Superior manufacturing excellence based on a wide variety of knowledge.
Everyone knows how to perform within their role with strong leadership that guides.
Efficient work flow forms with strong drive to improve values.
Daitec-Japan Corporation capable any challenge.



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